I pause here in the highly important and cathartic process of making an extensive list detailing what I need to move into my new house in preparation for, er, tomorrow, which is:

a) an effective method of prevarication;

b) proof of what I suspected long ago: I’m a thinker (read “procrastinator”), not a doer. At least not yet.

This is to inform the internet that I, The Original Sporadic Scribbler, will be partaking of much unedited rambling in the form of NaNoWriMo in November. Yup. My profile, for anyone keen to see me crash, burn and perforate a new hole in the ozone layer, can be found here.

I also intend to take part in Script Frenzy in April – provided, of course, that my exam timetable is kind to me.

Back to the suitcases!

P.S.: I’m still reading Great Expectations. I fail.

EDIT – an hour and a half later…over halfway there. No, no! Three-quarters of the way to packing heaven. Oh yeah.