If you don’t want to read the emo bit, skip to the non-italic bit at the end of the journal.

I keep starting and stopping things, then moving onto something else without finishing the first. I hate it. It’s like my attention span is continuously getting shorter. I feel stupid and thick – I swear I was never like this at school. I can’t keep my eyes on the reading for longer than half an hour before I get bored and try and find something else to do. I AM GOING TO FAIL.

Also yesterday I had a great surge of self-hate all because I didn’t get a part in any of the plays this term. I actually get the feeling it’s to do with the way I look. Acting is always the thing that breaks up the monotony of everything else I do, like it was the only thing I really looked forward to in college, and now that I haven’t done it for an entire year I feel like I’m stuck in a grey area with few distractions.

Also, to the couple of people who appear to be ignoring me, either bother to reply to me through whichever medium I’m trying to speak to you or forget about talking to me ever again, because I’m not fucking running around trying to maintain contact with you.

Stephen Lynch has a fucking ANNOYING face, this is actually my new obsession and it’s making me angry.


Also, if you don’t like Rocky Horror, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. Click on the link anyway.

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EDIT: after I posted this journal I went into the shower and managed to razor off a strip of my skin whilst shaving my legs. When I inspected the razor, the limp piece of skin looked like a soggy piece of carrot peel. Yummy.

The weeping wound is now washed and dressed and, for some reason, I feel better. That is all.