My “double-glazed” window is COVERED in a sheet of water droplets – I just tried wiping them off with a cloth and the moisture immediately slid down and pooled on the sill. It’s fairly disgusting.

My dehumidifier sucks up A LOT of water, and I have to have it on basically whenever I’m in the house. It fills up over the course of a few hours, is emptied, and still gets filled up again. WHERE IS THIS WATER COMING FROM?!

I tried airing clothes in my room – they smell slightly of damp. Great. A tumbledrier would be a fucking bright idea right now.

You know what really gets me? The fact that my landlord apparently called my mother “a nightmare” after she’d phoned to ask for some changes. What did she ask for? A jacuzzi? A hot tub? A treadmill hooked up to a giant stereo system? Did she fuck, she asked for a new bed for me because the other had black spots of damp and mould on it and a dehumidifier to take out the damp. This is because her sister stayed in a similar sort of room when she was younger, and now has attacks of bronchitis every winter without fail. Yay.

Now, my mother’s ability to piss people off is really quite fucking something, but asking for two things to preserve my health? Wow, that’s REALLY out of order, isn’t it?!

ALSO someone keeps using the downstairs toilet, which has no sink, and then WASHES THEIR HANDS IN THE KITCHEN SINK. I can hear them. I have no idea who they are but I can hear them. I’m sorry, but basic hygiene? Please?

The bathroom’s design is also comprised of fail. Even though I shower with both windows open and the extractor fan on, little spots of mould are still appearing. This is because the main window is too far away from the shower itself to be useful, and before the steam gets to the window, it gets to the wall. The wall is not all tiles. The wall is subsequently suffering.

Long story short, I cannot wait to move out next year. It’s a shame because I have brilliant housemates, but the house itself drives me a little bit more insane every day. At least I know what I’m looking for in a house next year.