I have cheered up considerably, thanks to various wonderful peoples and successfully cooking a chicken casserole that tasted like GLORY AND BRILLIANCE. I lie not to you.

More fun stuff: my piercing has got infected. Don’t tell my mum; she wasn’t particularly pleased when she found out about it 😀 Basically the skin around the back is swollen and looks a bit like a Yorkshire pudding (darker on top of the swelling, yum), and was weeping shiny pus earlier. Lesson, kids? CLEAN YOUR PIERCINGS. YOU CAN (in all seriousness) GET TSS FROM INFECTED PIERCINGS. I didn’t keep up with my cleaning regime and now my ear is like, “YOU! Salt water solution, on the double!” It’s stopped being pussy now. FOR now. Lulz.

I’d post a picture but it was only spectacular when it was weeping yellow goo.