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Screwed Up

So this conversation I was having with my mother last night went:

“And she was raped, apparently, when she was younger, which could be why she’s so screwed up.”
“Yeah… what screwed you up, then?”

The only mother who could *possibly* beat mine to the “Mum of the Year” award is Sirius Black’s. 8D

To counter all this talk of Curtain Boy, I bring you:

You don’t mention Sirius to Snape, or he pulls his Face of Repulsion and hurts you.
Heeeee… Snape. :3


So – I have an obscenely high number of views. Wow. Hello new readers. I love you, old readers, some probably more than others, but still, I love you. Thank you all for reading. You make my ego rotund and bouncy.

Some silly person authorised my student loan, and naturally I have just returned from a hideous spending spree. I am justified in this because, even after deducting rent and necessary expenses, I still have a LOT of money left for frivolity.

Sit ye down and allow me to explain what I just frittered away money upon:

– A pair of boots. I KNOW, another freaking pair of freaking boots. But these ones are knee-high and lace up at the front and I am very in love with them, almost more in love than I am with you, readers.

– DVDS. Namely Twelfth Night (with Helena Bonham Carter, yay!) and The Taming of the Shrew with the woman-I-would-quite-like-to-look-like, Elizabeth Taylor. I almost purchased Michael Collins for the Alan Rickman goodness but restrained myself.

– A board game.
Not just any board game.
Destination Hogwarts, no less! Apparently you have to try and not get expelled. Bellatrix and Snape are on the box. That is why I bought the game. Largely.

– THEATRE TICKETS FOR Rocky Horror AND YES I’M GOING DRESSED UP. Magenta ftw. Also I have reached the conclusion that Patricia Quinn and Eleanor Audley sound astonishingly similar.

So…I am still in need of a job, both for the money and the time-filling effect it will have, since I barely have any class hours this term. Come on, economy. Embrace me. I AM USEFUL.

My head has been in a very strange place for the past few days.

I suspect its position was determined by temporary hormone stews.

Truth is, I do not want to shun human company entirely. And my more astute readers will have interpreted my bitter previous post to mean the following: there IS someone I know who I would dearly,dearly love to accompany me on romantic and sexy adventures in which we pretend to be pirates. But enough of that, or you’ll think I’m sentimental. And also, I fear the person to whom this refers will read this and use it to his advantage; not that he WOULD, he’s far too nice, but still. I can’t help thinking it.

Nevertheless, the location of my head head has been restabilised by several things – I got another helix piercing, just above my first one (and piercings seem to boost my confidence, so I’d like a couple more, but only around my ears. I can’t abide the idea of needles near my torso/anywhere else.); I watched Corpse Bride, M and Secretary in quick succession today; and I’ve fully settled into the new house. Oh, and I’ve started playing Fable II. Yessir.

Oh, and, um, I just watched Galaxy Quest. Alan Rickman is The Man.

Rickers, ensconced in velvet for both our delectation. Nom.