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Emilie Autumn, covering Alice Cooper? Heaven.

Based on my birth length and heights of my parents, it was predicted that I would be 5′ 9″ at full adult height.
As it is, I’m exactly the correct height to be a jockey.

I used to despise my height; now I adore it.

The length of my hair has become somewhat of an obsession: I intend to grow it as long as possible. It gets madder and more ringlety with every inch.

I used to hate my hair too; now I love it.

I, for whatever reason, looked up scarification photos; I wonder if I could get a Scar scar? In all seriousness? Along with a Dark Mark, Jack Sparrow’s sparrow, Bellatrix’s prisoner number on my neck and musical notation (as tattoos, not scars, owwy) everywhere. If only I was rich and didn’t need to get a job eventually.

I’m so short and stocky: I’m very Mediterranean.

I’ve stayed at the same weight for weeks. I NEED TO LOSE MORE.
On the plus side I’m under 11 stone. I haven’t been this weight since I was at school.

I see people the size of small planets and want to be sick, then I remember I look exactly like them and it’s almost, but not quite, enough to make me anorexic.

I have scar tissue on both of my heels, so thick it doesn’t feel like skin any more. They are my “badges of honour,” and they were crafted lovingly by one Doctor Marten.


URGH hello.

I have been flagrantly ill and as a result have lost a considerable amount of weight. Awesome. Things I ate yesterday: Viscount x 6, jacket potato x 2, massive serving of chocolate pudding x 1. Awesome.

Weight is now gained, I suspect.

Last night my womb tried to commit mutiny and had me in a miserable mess jackknifed under the quilt trying not to actively hunt things down and kill them to relieve the intense pain. Paracetamol? BAH, not strong enough. I hate bein’ a gurl.

Consequently I did not sleep until the small hours. Consequently I have missed missed my Music and Narrative lesson. LUCKILY the tutor records and sticks all his lectures up on t’internet so I love him for that. But how do I email him and inform him that my incessant female behaviour caused me to miss his lesson? Dilemma. Bah.

I sort of made a promise to…136 people that I would dye my hair purple and look like Madam Mim because of it. I may have to wait until I actually have enough money. Also I found out that if I bleach my Very Dark Hair I stand a good chance of losing my curls, possibly permanently, since there is no guarantee the hair will grow back the same texture and style. I’m not prepared to do that. I like my crazy Bellatrix mop, cheers. Dark purple it shall be. Maybe I’ll bleach streaks so bits show up brilliant violet. Maybe.

So – I have an obscenely high number of views. Wow. Hello new readers. I love you, old readers, some probably more than others, but still, I love you. Thank you all for reading. You make my ego rotund and bouncy.

Some silly person authorised my student loan, and naturally I have just returned from a hideous spending spree. I am justified in this because, even after deducting rent and necessary expenses, I still have a LOT of money left for frivolity.

Sit ye down and allow me to explain what I just frittered away money upon:

– A pair of boots. I KNOW, another freaking pair of freaking boots. But these ones are knee-high and lace up at the front and I am very in love with them, almost more in love than I am with you, readers.

– DVDS. Namely Twelfth Night (with Helena Bonham Carter, yay!) and The Taming of the Shrew with the woman-I-would-quite-like-to-look-like, Elizabeth Taylor. I almost purchased Michael Collins for the Alan Rickman goodness but restrained myself.

– A board game.
Not just any board game.
Destination Hogwarts, no less! Apparently you have to try and not get expelled. Bellatrix and Snape are on the box. That is why I bought the game. Largely.

– THEATRE TICKETS FOR Rocky Horror AND YES I’M GOING DRESSED UP. Magenta ftw. Also I have reached the conclusion that Patricia Quinn and Eleanor Audley sound astonishingly similar.

So…I am still in need of a job, both for the money and the time-filling effect it will have, since I barely have any class hours this term. Come on, economy. Embrace me. I AM USEFUL.