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Pure unadulterated genius.

LEAR: O you, sir, you, come hither sir, who am I, sir?
OSWALD: My lady’s father.
LEAR: My lady’s father? My lord’s knave, you whoreson dog, you slave, you cur!
OSWALD: I am none of these, my lord, I beseech your pardon.
LEAR: Do you bandy looks with me, you rascal? [LEAR strikes him]
OSWALD: I’ll not be strucken, my lord.
KENT: [tripping him] Nor tripped neither, you base football player.

King Lear, Act I, Scene iv, William Shakespeare.

…Either I am a huge geek or that passage is universally hysterically funny.
I think the former applies most. I laughed unnaturally hard whilst reading it. Carry on with your lives!
*merrily vacates the room*


‚ÄúNothing brings more pain than too much pleasure; nothing more bondage than too much liberty,” according to Benjamin Franklin, and DAMN he was right. I. Am. FESTERING. With boredom, I truly am, three months, no job, nothing to do except lounge and study, except we all know that studying never happens when you have the time to devote to it.

To all the unemployed chavs out there, HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELVES? Your brains must be rotting away in your skulls. Is this why you breed so much? Nothing else to do? Really? Because I can believe that, I really can, I’d have sex constantly if I was locked in a house with nothing to do except watch Jeremy Kyle. I mean, really!

Exercising, writing, reading and moody wandering have been my primary activities. It was fine at first. Then one month developed into two, then three. Everyone seems to be raving about their marvellous summers, but I am on the verge of doing something stupid.

I am a person who NEEDS to be kept busy. This was why I was happy at school (when I wasn’t a target for the cowardly underclasses) – I had a solid, day-filling routine. Nowadays, you can only clean and vacuum and dust and sweep and organise alphabetically so many times before you rise up and cry, “That’s IT! I have had ENOUGH!” Believe me, my inner voice has been screaming this for the past five weeks. It’s tedious.

I cannot WAIT to get back into uni. I will plan reading and writing and extra-curricular activities around my classes so that I am never just “being”. I want to learn to sing. I want to participate more in the drama side of things. I want to STIMULATE MYSELF SO I DON’T GO BARMY.

Two good things have so far resulted from today’s activity of being awake – one, I received an email from one of my college drama teachers, who informed me that she misses my giggle and that my version of George in Frank Marcus’s The Killing of Sister George has put Beryl Reid’s version out of her head…for now. I was greatly moved and excited.

The second was that I was able to open up my vacation ‘reading’ list for my European Film and Literature course – and the teacher had grouped The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in with the films “dir. Fritz Lang”. Silly teacher. All self-respecting German Expressionist geeks know that Caligari was dir. Robert Wiene.

“Hello, I’m Robert Wiene.”

Here’s to action!

Most of my stuff is now in my room in my house for term-time. The laptop, evidently, is not one of them, as it tends to be attached to my person pretty much constantly.

I have lots to do. I have to do some writing, both for pleasure and for a purpose. When I get ALL my stuff into my room, I will tackle the window frame, as it needs cleaning. Years of damp has built up on the white frames and I have an overwhelming urge to scrub that shit off HARD. Shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m a cleaning whizz when I get mad at dirt.

After being thoroughly evil and snappy with everyone who helped me to move I feel guilty, and I wish I could control my temper, except I can’t. When I need to scream, I need to scream. It’s been that way since I was a little girl, as far as I know, and I’m too set in my ways to change it.

I’m now aware that I really am blathering, so I have just one more thing to say to the masses before I retire to bed: I would rather be smart than pretty. I wrestled with this for a couple of years. And that is my decision. Male attention? Only if I come out with something witty and stinging, please.

I pause here in the highly important and cathartic process of making an extensive list detailing what I need to move into my new house in preparation for, er, tomorrow, which is:

a) an effective method of prevarication;

b) proof of what I suspected long ago: I’m a thinker (read “procrastinator”), not a doer. At least not yet.

This is to inform the internet that I, The Original Sporadic Scribbler, will be partaking of much unedited rambling in the form of NaNoWriMo in November. Yup. My profile, for anyone keen to see me crash, burn and perforate a new hole in the ozone layer, can be found here.

I also intend to take part in Script Frenzy in April – provided, of course, that my exam timetable is kind to me.

Back to the suitcases!

P.S.: I’m still reading Great Expectations. I fail.

EDIT – an hour and a half later…over halfway there. No, no! Three-quarters of the way to packing heaven. Oh yeah.