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Headlong, outta control

My new iPod arrived! RIP Siegfried, you were loyal for five years, and then you died a slow, painful death. Osric – prettier, skinnier, shinier – will take your place at my breast. So long, farewell.

I JUST SAW We Will Rock You. It was quite fucking awesome. Don’t know what all the critics expected when they first reviewed it and panned it, it wasn’t trying to be clever. It’s just fucking hilarious/cheerful/awesome. FEEEEEEEELGOOD, if you will.

I’m quite tired and I’m blogging this in the bathroom and I need to sleep, so more later 😀



I found they do Cherry Lucozade in one litre bottles, my iPod Siegfried broke, and DT is now a hat stand for me to trail corset suspender clips from, the good, the bad and the ugly all in one day. Awesome.

Also I feel sick, I’ve eaten too much.


Fiona fucking Apple. I bid you goodnight.