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I am entirely naked and this is totally unscripted.

Picture 971

Volumnia from Coriolanus is my new favourite character yes yes.

Picture 966


Filler post is fun.


Lord Bill Ptolemy Pythagoras (and Non-Lizard Mother):
Picture 970

Also I have a face of an otter in disgrace. I have an essay due in next week ARGH. And that, that is all.

First, WATCH AND LISTEN because this is amazing and I watched it this evening.

Secondly, we are definitely getting a blue-tongued skink 😀
Lord Bill Ptolemy Pythagoras, regardless of its sex, shall be its name, and “Cosmic Creepers” its nickname, just because. WE ARE EXCITED.

Today I purchased a black tricorn and big black and peacock feathers, and I now have a pirate hat. It’s wonderful. I am proud of my skills, which consisted of glueing feathers to hat. Truly tricky.