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Fuck it. (But not quite.)

EDIT: All these bad feelings have dissipated as I have had human contact, now I’m cheerful again. Please ignore. Or read for the lulz.

Fuck the fact that my stomach sticks out as far as my breasts, and this either mean I have a really fat stomach or really tiny breasts OR BOTH.

Fuck this essay that’s still not finished and its many, many footnotes crying out for attention.

Fuck the children who SCREAM on buses (not literally, that would be disgusting), and fuck the parents who don’t do anything about it (again, not literally, because then they’d give birth to more foul spawn).

Fuck the trip into town where I have to swap part of my brother’s Christmas present because he neglected to tell me he’d got it a week ago for no reason at all.

Fuck my bank account, it’s empty and needs filling with something.

Fuck the lack of overdraft, which doesn’t exist because having one wouldn’t make me responsible about money. Fuck it, I’m not reponsible in any capacity.

Fuck everybody except Tom Waits.


So – I have an obscenely high number of views. Wow. Hello new readers. I love you, old readers, some probably more than others, but still, I love you. Thank you all for reading. You make my ego rotund and bouncy.

Some silly person authorised my student loan, and naturally I have just returned from a hideous spending spree. I am justified in this because, even after deducting rent and necessary expenses, I still have a LOT of money left for frivolity.

Sit ye down and allow me to explain what I just frittered away money upon:

– A pair of boots. I KNOW, another freaking pair of freaking boots. But these ones are knee-high and lace up at the front and I am very in love with them, almost more in love than I am with you, readers.

– DVDS. Namely Twelfth Night (with Helena Bonham Carter, yay!) and The Taming of the Shrew with the woman-I-would-quite-like-to-look-like, Elizabeth Taylor. I almost purchased Michael Collins for the Alan Rickman goodness but restrained myself.

– A board game.
Not just any board game.
Destination Hogwarts, no less! Apparently you have to try and not get expelled. Bellatrix and Snape are on the box. That is why I bought the game. Largely.

– THEATRE TICKETS FOR Rocky Horror AND YES I’M GOING DRESSED UP. Magenta ftw. Also I have reached the conclusion that Patricia Quinn and Eleanor Audley sound astonishingly similar.

So…I am still in need of a job, both for the money and the time-filling effect it will have, since I barely have any class hours this term. Come on, economy. Embrace me. I AM USEFUL.

So that was the stupidest thing I have EVER said in a university dramatic society audition. What fun.

Luckily, I was allowed to say stupid things – well, make up a stupid story – and it’s not untrue, either. My dad has black fillings in all of his back teeth. He looks like a pirate because of this.

I also had to break out my rusty, awful American accent for the same audition. Bear in mind that I learned the accent from Hehrry Pahhtter pahhdcahhhsts, and so it’s a weird robotic drawl, an American radio voice of sorts. But I think it was acceptable. Just.

My second audition involved the discovery of a character who is CLEARLY related to June Buckridge from Frank Marcus’s The Killing of Sister George, whom I adore and have played. Drunken, loudmouthed, boorish females for the win!

I hope I get a part this term. If not, it’s more time to concentrate on my writing and finding a job. If I get a job, I have promised myself private voice and piano lessons. Yes really. They’re things I’ve wanted to learn for a long time and I’ve never yet have the opportunity to seek tuition. With any luck, I’ll soon get a job.

Money is always a good thing.