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I am entirely naked and this is totally unscripted.

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Volumnia from Coriolanus is my new favourite character yes yes.

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Filler post is fun.


Lord Bill Ptolemy Pythagoras (and Non-Lizard Mother):
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Also I have a face of an otter in disgrace. I have an essay due in next week ARGH. And that, that is all.

Know what I loooove?

Sit ye down and attend to this
My pretty tale of cakey bliss
Which for pudding I consumed
And prompted my gaiety into full bloom
And stirred me to create this ditty
(Though it isn’t very witty)
All in all for the singular sake
Of spreading the word of the Chocolate Cake –
The chef possesses magic hands
And causes me to be a fan
Of her splendid pudding treat,
But baking it is no mean feat
I am grateful to the cook
Who makes the cake without a book
With eggs and sugar and flour and butter
It makes my heart go all aflutter
When chocolate sauce is swirled around
That hearty crumbly chocolate mound
And served up in a porcelain bowl
This wondrous treat oft steals my soul –
Which I’d sell without much strife
If Rachel made cakes for me all my life.

We’re kind of considering getting a blue-tongued skink :3
I skink it’s a good idea, though maybe we’re teetering on the skink of insanity…